Unknown Certainty

Unknown Certainty~  The process of applying for grants is time consuming . There are no guarantees the time spent will reap reward. It is guaranteed not applying will never produce reward.

My quick conclusion is , “Give it a try”.

Paramount in my career is my work to improve community. I believe an artist’s work to influence the visual and social aspects of community is as important as the work said artist is creating in his studio . The failures the artist has in the studio of botched paintings being smashed , tossed and burned--- really are no different then artist’s work in social and political circles. We all have to concede and toss certain ideas into “file G”.

When working hard to produce and incite change- failure will occur. Failure will occur more than a few times in the crafting of social and political ambitions. Failure will occur more than a few times when sculpting or painting in the studio. Failure will occur when trying to communicate certain “Ideas” to certain people.

Eventually … the artist who is failing in the studio will create a “Masterpiece”. The same artist, perhaps at a different junction; will be noted for success socially or politically. His grant will be approved. His project will be complete. His social and political circles will digest his vision and genius. Thus, improving societies and economy. Time is the unknown certainty of the artist life, as in all lives. “During” or “After” one never is certain… society may decide… fate ultimately will. Society is timely at times and blind for decades / centuries in the making of some decisions.  ~Troy Evans

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