Trending in 2017

Finger on the pulse.
I find it important as an artist to follow fashion.
Fashion of clothing, foot apparel, eye wear, automobiles, furniture trends, color trends, creative movements. All of these and many other factors drive the directions for how I create.

Understanding the current fashions from cities like Milan, Barcelona, London , Tokyo, New York City, and Paris is a challenge from my remote location of Roundup, Montana. The internet is one tool I use for keeping my finger “on the pulse”. Mind you, I am in constant scan and detect mode for visual stimuli .

Following are some of what I think will happen in fashion this new year of 2017:

#1 Artisan will trump DIY . The market will demand products of High Skill Level. Rugged Reclaimed with low skill application will give way to refined Wall and Ceiling applications as well as furnishing which require skills far beyond the DIYer’s skill set.

#2 Dark Navy will trump Black- other colors trending will be “Jewel Tones”, Dark Crush Velvet Green will make a comeback, primarily when mixed with accents of gold and silver.

#3 The hottest trend in the bedroom will be headboards of glamour. Diamond tucked upholstery and elaborate sculpted outer edge shapes.

#4 Floor Plans- will included rooms of escape- rooms defined with a void of electronics. Books and Bookshelves will make a huge comeback.

# 5 Butterflies will be huge… and an unapologetic mixing of patterns and textures.

#6 Cork is going to make a comeback, as will Terracotta and Terracotta Tones. Earthy Pastel Hues, mixed metals, natural textures.

#7 Appliances and Rooms that “fold” out of site will be out of site “Hot”.

The out list will include Copper, White Subway Tiles, Applied Lettering (quotes on walls) , Fig Leaf Patterns, and Open Floor Plans.

So there you go! Now your in the “know”… of course these things can change on a dime. I will keep my “disclaimer” simple. I bet you notice at least one of these design elements in use during 2017.

Cheers, Enjoy the year ahead! I hope my business can serve you in the future.

Sincerely, Troy Evans
(406) 672-6777