Pomp and circumstance always ignores 4/4 time

Most humans aspire to be better people. This a basic value instilled at a young age, and then tested throughout daily living. Can we do something better? How can we find the next Big Marching Gig? When will the music change and swiftly push us in a positive direction? Do we have to endure the same temple as we march toward the castle doors? Are we halted, marking time for the conductor as he takes “Selfies” for all his fans to see? Does the crowd realize the band geeks practice everyday? And that yesterday Webster Dictionary added the term “Selfies” , within the definition of “Narcissistic Person”.  Is this fair? Today in this competitive world is a little narcosis merely another instrument in the bass line?

It is hard to beat ones own drum. And it is hard to smile into a camera.

Ahhh… but if other members of the band beat the same drum, the music is a completely different tune. The tone becomes desirable not brash. Few people are able to create a celebrity of their own person. Although our current cultural tools such a social media are trying to make it easier. The majorette and groupies still have much better odds of promoting her own band members into celebrity statues.

This brings me to my point. Marketing ones own art… when does the effort turn from skilled promotion to narcissistic compulsion. Story after Story after Story told in an effort to create a perfect lyric. As if attaching emotion changes the tune. As if creation of history endears the ears. As if the face changes the product.

Many have proven a quirky line can be every bit as important as the perfect melody.

Here lies the “time change”. Is natural talent, vision, and skill needed? Is stumbling within the “March” and having the crowd laugh, causing the band geek to be remembered forever,  just as effective regarding marketing tactics?

Raw talent  is a tune we all want to hear played. We are forever intrigued with its endless changes in tempo. The quirky off-beat song may catch our attention for a moment in history… but raw talent dazzles our ears for centuries. Raw talent is remembered. Raw talent has less of a need to promote itself. Raw talent finds itself seeking time to create, not  playing again a requested song by the crowd.

Finding that space, the perfect place between creation and advertisement of the creation is an art in itself. Word of truly great things may spread like wildfire… but the fact is… our world is full of so many things. Some great things do need “pointed towards” to get the Big Eyes upon them.