We have all been fearful about something.

Fear is encountered in business and personal lives for multiple brain rattling reasons.

This past month I have experienced, witnessed, and overcome many types of fear.

The fear of falling, fear of death, fear of competition, fear of lighting strikes,  fear of failure, fear of financial ruin, fear of time-frame, fear of public ridicule ,  fear of political environments , fear of guns... Fuck- we can be fearful of everything- even a word.

I witnessed a little girl's fear of ghosts.

I witnessed an elderly man's fear of competition from a new business in town and the fact this new business might hurt his long established business.  The "fear of competition" .  I feared walking walls while framing (carpentry)  after a 10  year lapse of cruising around on 3 1/2 inches of  2x4's walls  above whatever surface beneath.   A practice my twenty year old self was accustomed to-- walking multiple stories in the air on poorly braced 2x4 walls. Now I Fear it, and must renew my own confidence !  Why, I asked myself, when other men have walked wires multiple  "stories" in the air .

 I have also been working off the ground in a "man-lift", 30 feet above pavement. Yesterday the wind blew... my fear overcame me. I took the day away from the job-site.  The line is  thin between fear and confidence.

Boom and Bang! - our political world is blowing up with fear. Fear of objects without intellect.  As if,  objects can take action.

The more I see it- the more I realize part of our human nature loves being fearful.

Fear creates controversy. Fear focuses attention. Fear pays dividends giving us an excuse to skip difficult tasks or duties.   We find heroes and villains in the mist of participating in activities others refuse to engage. Fear creates paralysis.

I hate snakes. I am claustrophobic. I fear fire. I fear heights. I fear sharks.  I have others fears I am not willing to admit.

Do you know most rock-climbers fear heights?

I had good reason to be fearful when I was a climber. Yet I climbed 100's of  pitches after facing the loss of my brother to the sport.

I also had good reason to be fearful when I was surfing. I got head butted by a shark on December 6, 1993. Fear and Emotion force me to remember the dates of these events.

The adrenaline or "rush" of  the fear  forced me to overcome and ultimately enjoy the activities. I became skilled in the activities, educated to overcoming  fear. I was taught at an early age if a horse bucks you off- "you get right back on the Son of a Bitch"! Face fear head on. Don't be a pussy and claim the gun is killing people when in fact it is extremists  and insanity killing people.

I believe all fear can be conquered through education. Will I ever be comfortable holding a snake?  Is being encouraged part of the process of being educated. I have encouraged myself and others over the edge of a cliff (literally)... on a rope of course.

Some overcome the fear with excited enthusiasm. Others shake and quiver.  Generally, they only shake  until they are engaged into a conversation about the experience or educated on the process and procedures ... then they become brave (enlightened through education)... some become so enthusiastic they take on the reverse roll of fear by becoming , "shit talkers"- at least until the next time they are forced over the cliffs edge. Fear rushes back, but only via low personal confidence , lack in education (or need of educational review).

Only the educated are calm and confident . When one is educated on any subject, Fear is not a Factor. Education promotes confidence, skill and safety. This is the fear those demanding gun control are not controlling within themselves. They are deeming themselves and others powerless instead of schooling  themselves on why they fear inanimate objects and environments escalated with dangerous personalities.   They are unprepared, unwilling to be prepared and educated, like I was  yesterday in the wind, I felt unsafe , I was unwilling to put on my safety harness and suck it up. I allowed fear to control me. I did not take any action to insure my safety and thereby  "carry" on my day with confidence.