Eyes Open-Eyes Shut-Inhale-Exhale

Last night my wife  Coila and I were invited to a modern dance review in Roundup.

Crazy huh?

Modern Dance in Roundup, Montana.

The review was an intimate group of invited friends and family.

The dancer a Professor of Dance who has traveled the world performing his art.

Today he is off to Boston to perform and teach.

Last night was a "warm up" for his forthcoming event.

His dance had an interesting component.

Similar to a kid standing in complete darkness switching a light switch on and off on and off on and off.

A sound track was played of inhales and exhales.

The audience was instructed to open and close their eyes... open on inhale, close on exhale.

The dancer's moves choreographed to the "open eye"

The dance titled "December" was a 2 second glimpse (8 minutes in real time) of a historic real world event.

The movement was a brilliant contrast of emotion.

As an audience member one could not help but breath in sync with the inhales and exhales of the sound track- the lights on the lights off- (eye lids only), the manual movements of the eyes repositioning the dancer on the stage as if he magically appeared into another position or plane in the landscape of the empty room. Eyes Open, Eyes Shut, Breath in , Breath Out.

Whenever one see's a professional of the arts at work, regardless of the art; one must acknowledge the artist's expense . Even if the movement looks effortless -look into the open eyes and observe. The art has cost the artist a portion of his/her life. These performances, these creations, they cannot continue indefinitely and they did not come into existence out of thin air . They came into existence with many expenditures. and inevitably the curtain will  close. I hope as viewers of art , I can remind you, as this talented professional reminded me... the inhales and exhales, the eyes open eyes closed, the on stage off stage... the highs and lows--- none of this can be prevented and the curtain will drop a final time!

Review the Art.

Buy the Art.

Live with the Art.

Art is everywhere.

Art is one of Life's biggest pleasure if one is willing to open the eyes.

Enjoy the Life.

Force Your Eyes Open while you are able!

Dance on, inhale!