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Nice Ride I am grateful to many people. My wife. My Family. I am grateful to all of those helping me along this journey of life as an artist. So much advice and information to sift these days. So many ways to “get there”. I will take advice. I will sift the information. I will

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Pomp and circumstance always ignores 4/4 time

Most humans aspire to be better people. This a basic value instilled at a young age, and then tested throughout daily living. Can we do something better? How can we find the next Big Marching Gig? When will the music change and swiftly push us in a positive direction? Do we have to endure the

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First Sketch_ Rendering Credit James Kordonowy

Shop Sketch- Rendering Credit James Kordonwy This Neo-Classical Cabinet will relate to Western Design in two ways: 1. The cabinet will finish in the same color palette as western turquoise jewelry . The color Palette will be Silver, Black and Turquoise.  2. The cabinet will have the masculine strength of the Moorish Culture. Inserted into

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Unknown Certainty

Unknown Certainty~  The process of applying for grants is time consuming . There are no guarantees the time spent will reap reward. It is guaranteed not applying will never produce reward. My quick conclusion is , “Give it a try”. Paramount in my career is my work to improve community. I believe an artist’s work

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Eyes Open-Eyes Shut-Inhale-Exhale

Last night my wife  Coila and I were invited to a modern dance review in Roundup. Crazy huh? Modern Dance in Roundup, Montana. The review was an intimate group of invited friends and family. The dancer a Professor of Dance who has traveled the world performing his art. Today he is off to Boston to

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So Classic it Hurts

This week I am working to finish a piece which was intended to be a refinish… But through the process of what is known in the industry as “creep” ( when the process of a job becomes much more involved then originally intended) … I now find myself in the middle of what essentially is

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We have all been fearful about something. Fear is encountered in business and personal lives for multiple brain rattling reasons. This past month I have experienced, witnessed, and overcome many types of fear. The fear of falling, fear of death, fear of competition, fear of lighting strikes,  fear of failure, fear of financial ruin, fear

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Trending in 2017

Finger on the pulse. I find it important as an artist to follow fashion. Fashion of clothing, foot apparel, eye wear, automobiles, furniture trends, color trends, creative movements. All of these and many other factors drive the directions for how I create. Understanding the current fashions from cities like Milan, Barcelona, London , Tokyo, New

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Cloisters Now Avaliable This piece is available. The painting is Mixxed Media and includes real turquoise from Gemstone Tile in Kingman AZ.  Also incorporated into the painting is marble and brass. The painting is oil and dye on panel. The painting was inspired by the 1900’s Russian Painting movement of construction-ism.

The Horsetrailer Effect

I have dubbed it the horse-trailer effect. —Although, this phenomenon doesn’t exclusively  happen when pulling a horse-trailer.  I have also noticed it when driving while wearing a cowboy hat, or when I have a lariat hanging on my pickup’s rear window gun rack. These objects can incite an onslaught of friendly waves from a specific

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