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Troy Evans is breaking boundaries with his rustic, modern creations

Troy Evans, of Blockhorse Designs, is a Montana-based artist whose work focuses on stunning detail and beautiful woodwork. When you view his body of work, you'll see detailed furniture, richly textured paintings and breathtaking sculpture. Every piece he creates is unlike any other.

Medieval inspiration, modern design

An early exposure to beautiful Medieval Spanish sculpture inspired Troy Evans to create his innovative designs. Every piece that he creates carries a history: you'll find influences of Medieval design, the Italian Renaissance, 14th and 15th century Moorish culture and 20th century Avant Garde Russian art in his furniture, paintings and sculptures.

When you're looking at a Troy Evans piece, you're looking at hundreds of years of art history spanning a variety of cultures, all converging into one modern work of art. Discover the innovation of Troy's work today-visit the Works page to view his collections.

Discover beautiful artwork from a one-of-a-kind artist

From his studio in Roundup, Montana, Troy Evans focuses on creating stunning works of art that speak to his love for Western culture. Browse his portfolio today to find:


While Troy Evans is known for his sculptures and furniture, his paintings are truly a sight to see. Troy uses silver, turquoise and marble dust to give his paintings intriguing texture, and this innovative technique makes his art unique.